To be recognized as unique institution for women, coping with the technological and social transformation that are taking place at breakneck speed. Empowering women students with rational and divergent thinking and creativity in all fields of life. Facilitating economically and socially backward students developing innovative and research attitude among students and faculties and providing extension services in the pursuit of excellence.


Our mission is to be the institution of choice for students seeking a holistic education that helps them to tackle the big questions that our society confronts this decade. With the combination of competence and virtue we prepare skilled and intellectually equipped student who are able to contribute to the progress of the nation. Our teaching in underpinned by the ground breaking research of our academic staff so students can enter the workforce with innovative skills and knowledge.


Transformation of lives.
Community education.
Student success in achieving educational goals.
Healthy standards in extracurricular practices.
Creating diverse and inclusive environment.
Continuous progress of the institution.


Sa Vidya Ya Bimuktaye