College Discipline

1.Students should take their seats before the teacher enters the class room and should not ordinarily leave their seats during the lecture.
2.Scribbling, pasting of bill and writing on blackboard or otherwise disfiguring the college wall are strictly prohibited.
3.Spitting on the walls, pillars or doors of the college is also strictly prohibited.
4.Students should use the toilet s provided for the purpose.
5.Students are forbidden from loitering in the corridor/verandah when the classes are on.
6.Students are warned against tampering with the electrical fittings and water laps of the college building.
7.Students must maintain a sense of decorum particularly in the playground and while attending meeting and function.
8.Students should not ordinarily enter into the college office, staff common room or principal’s room without prior permission.
9.Any breach of discipline may be punished by a fine, by expulsion or by rustication.
10.Every student is required to put in 75% of attendance in general, tutorial and practical classes pres cribbed by the college. Condo nation may be granted only in exceptional case when a student secures attendance between 60& and 74%.

11.In case of loss identity cards duplicate identity cards will be issued only in special case on payment of rupees 20/it should be kept carefully as a valuable document.
12.Students must carry their college identity cards with them every day to the college.
13.Mobile is strictly prohibited.
14.Further the students are directed to meet respective HODs regarding departmental matter.
15.Students are informed that they can meet the principal only when they have any personal grievance.