Study circle & seminars

One of the important feature of the college is that different department arranges seminars and national seminars regularly. Eminent Speakers and educationists are invited to give lectures.
In the last period students who do not have any classes sit for learning Sloka, Bhagawat Geeta and Chanting of Veda.

Utilizing the  leisure hours

General as well as spiritual quiz, Teaching of bhajans devotional songs, story telling, the art of public speaking, indoor and outdoor games are conducted during leisure hours of students. The teachers engage the students in various activities for their all round development during their leisure periods.

Lectures, Proctorials and practicals

a.     As soon as the proctorial gropues are formed and notified it is the duty of a student to find out the Particular group to which she has been assigned. If she is not included in any of the groups, she must bring the fact to the notice of the Principal by writing an application.

b.    Every student is required to attend her classes regularly and punctually. Continuous absence without leave is a serious breach of college discipline.

c.     A student who arrives late may be allowed into the classroom if the concerned teacher allows.

d.    A student should behave in the classroom in a disciplined manner and should be attentive to the lecture.

Proctorial system

a.     Every student will be assigned with a proctorial group placed under the charge of a proctor who shall be a member of the teaching staff.

b.    The student shall meet the proctor at least once a month or as many times as is necessary to discuss her difficulties and problems.

c.     The student shall furnish all such information to the proctor as is required for the maintenance of the proctorial record.

d.    The student shall always be available and readily meet the proctor as & when required and do the duties the proctor assign them from time to time.


a.     Under the regulation of the +2 Council and University a student , in order to be eligible for being sent up for the Council/University Examination, is under obligation to attend in each subject a minimum of 75% of lecture, tutorials and practical, etc. calculated separately.

b.    Condonation of attendance between 60% and 75% may be granted in exceptional cases.

c.     Further condonation of the attendance to the extent of 5% may be granted by the Syndicate, when the candidate represents, the University or state on deputation for specific purpose(to be recorded in writing)

d.    Application for condonation of shortage of attendance on medical grounds will not be considered for the period, the college can struck out the name of the students from the college rolls citing any reason.

Payment of fees and fines

a.     Fees must be paid on the day fixed for collection otherwise a fine of Rs.10/- will have to be paid per month, along with the fees.

b.    Any kind of fine on grounds of indiscipline will be realized along with the tuition fee.

c.     Students cannot claim exemption from the payment of default fine or re-admission fee as a matter of right.

d.    College fees along with other fees, if any for the remaining months of the academic session will be realized from a student before she is allowed to fill up the Application form for the CHSE/University Examination.

e.     Declaration collection of subscription by students for any purpose will be treated as a serious breach of college discipline.

Communication with Guardians

a.     Guardians of the student may meet the Principal, the proctors and enquiry about the welfare and progress of their wards. They are also requested to meet the Principal whenever advised to do so.

b.    Reports regarding undesirable activities in the part of the students may be communicated to the guardians from time to time for their information.