Scholarship and financial

1.National Scholarship

The Scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit, Ordinarily Students who have secured 70% in aggregate in HSC Examination are Likely to get this Scholarship . The Annual Income of case of those who apply.

2.Junior College Merit Scholarship

The students who have secured 50% in aggregate in the HSC/ Examination are eligible to apply. The students passing the supplementary examination are not eligible to apply.

3.Senior College Merit Scholarship

Awarded on the basis of +2  marks to the students of Degree Classes.

4.Post-Metric Scholarship for SC/ST Students.

Stipends are given to the S.C and S.T. students from the T.R.W. Department of Odisha.

5.Scholarship for the children of Freedom Fighters.

6.National Scholarship for Teacher’s Children.

Awarded to the children of primary School Teachers or Secondary School Teachers whose aggregate marks must be at least 60% in the HSC Examination .

7.Aid to Children of Ex-Servicemen

Aid is available from the Government of Orissa to the Children  of Ex-Serviceman

8.Scholarship for Orthopedically Handicapped Students

Awarded to the lame, deaf or orthopaedically  handicapped students whose age should be between 17-30 years. The Candidate must have secured at least 45% marks in the previous Annual High School Certificate Examination or Higher Secondary Certificate Examination.
9. Funds donated by the persons, to Award prizes to college students out of the accumulated interest on the donation.

                                                  Amount of Prize            

  1. Gangadhar medal                  Rs.500.00      Highest Marks
     sri Antaryami panda                                      in CHSE

2.    Dinabandhu Satapathy          Rs. 501.00     Highest Marks
 (Scholarship)                                                   In Sanskrit in +2

3.    Pramod Dh. Rath                    Rs.100.00     Highest Mark in
                                                                            Sanskrit in +3
                                                                            degree course

4.    Sarojini pattanaik (a)              Rs.500.00       General Proficiency
Award                                                                 at +3 Degree

     (b)   Rs.500.00                                               Highest mark at time of   
                                                                             admission in +2 Arts

     (c)    Rs. 500.00                                              Highest mark at time of
                                                                              admission in +2 Sci

     (d)  Rs.500.00                                                 Highest Mark at time of     
                                                                              admission in +3 Arts

5.     Hemanta Das                            Rs.100.00        Highest marks in English at +3 Degree

6.    Brahmananda Panda  
Award                                         Rs.500.00         General Proficiency in +3 Degree

7.    S.P. Gantayat                     (a)    Rs.100.00         Slokanta & Best
Scolarship                           (b)    Rs. 150.00        Best in Yogasan

8.    Subhadra Sahoo         Running Shield Allrounder of college

9.    Sandhya Bhuyan           Cash Prize            Best three students
Memorial  Scolarship  out of the             in +3 final yr. odia Hon.
                           Intrest of one Lakh