Library and library rules

1.The Library :

The college Library contains 16,000 books arranged subject wise in section and subsection. The members of staff and students of the College may Library.

2.The Library Rules :
a) The Library  opens during the college hours on all working days.

b) No books will be taken out of the Library without the knowledge of the Librarian.

c)The students are entitled to keep the library books for 15days. After that they will give fine @ 0.50ps. per day for a book till the date of return.

d) Borrower must examine the condition of damage condition the books before the issue, otherwise in case of utilization discovered later the presumption will be against the borrower.

e) In no case the books may be retained with the borrower beyond the prescribed period.

f)The borrower must return the Library books before vacations on or before the date notified for the purpose.

g) The college has got  a right to requisition the books issued to the borrower at any time.

h) The books should ensure to return the books without any damage.

i) Strict silence may be observed inside the Library and no personal articles or books may be brought into the Library. Shoes are kept  outside the Library.

j) The following  table  shows the maximum number of books that may be issues to various sections of the borrowers.

a)Members of Teaching Staff     15     3 months

b)Ministerial Staff                          04    5 months

c)Lab. Asst. & Librarian              04     5 months

d)Students                                    02    15 days

e)Hons. Student                           03      15 days