College at a glance

National service scheme :
    The NSS (National Service Scheme) has been introduced in the college since 1981, to promote national consciousness and to inculcate a sense of social responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour among the students.
The specific objectives are :
a) To work and among the people
b) To engage in nonvioleht and constructive social activities
c)  To enhance one’s knowledge of one’s self and the community through a confrontation with reality
Red cross:
   Youth Red Cross came into force in our College in 1996-97. Red Cross fund is financed by the students of our College. Each student contributes Rs.10/- For this fund . The Red Cross wing of the college has been designed at “ Youth Red Cross”.
Special  Features of the college :
 1. Opening prayer : The College starts with Prayer. Participation of the students, teachers and others staff members in the college prayer is compulsory.
2. College Counselling and Advisory System : One advisor assigned the responsibility to establish rapport with a small group of students. The advisor takes solicitous care of her wards in every aspect like academic, ethical and social.
3. Spiritual Classes :  A special feature of the college is the holding of spiritual education classes twice  a week. The aim of these classes is acquaint the students with rich traditions of India culture and basic truths of the World’s great religious and to inspire them with noble lives and exalted examples of religious thought and the universal moral and spiritual values.
4. Spiritual  Education Test : The college conducts annual examinations in spiritual education, which is compulsory for all students and awards certificates of merit and prizes for securing best marks.
5. Computer Education is being offered by the college. Students willing to avail above facility will have to pay additional fee.
6. Physical Education classes are compulsory for all the students .
7. Students may avail the opportunity of Yoga class.
8. Parent Meet : Meeting of the parents and guardians are arranged for inviting suggestions and for assessing the general behavior of the wards outside the college. The meeting will be arranged on every 2nd Saturday starting from August to February of the academic year unless it is a state or National Holiday.
9. College arranges talks on spiritual topics by eminent persons. Spiritual and general quiz competition , training of students in public speaking and devotional groups talks are regularly organized.
10. Progress reports are sent to parents/Guardians twice in every academic session.
11. Students must approach their proctors once in a week to  discuss and solve their problems.
12. Mobile is strictly prohibited.